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We are an interdenominational non-profit corporation with a mission to
translate, publish and distribute the Bible for Muslims.


I believe that this translation will make an unprecedented change in the endeavor of evangelizing the majority in the Middle East and North Africa.

National Minister in North Africa

I would say that it is the single most effective tool we have to reach the majority of people with the Gospel.

Missionary in the Middle East

This is a giant work for the glory of the Lord and the extension of His Kingdom.

Missionary in North Africa

Both absolutely faithful to the text of the inspired Scriptures and consistently translated into the language of the Arab majority.

Missionary in Egypt

Since I’ve been teaching at Theological Seminary, in every class I have pointed
out my preference for and the outstanding quality of the Injil Sharif. I view the Injil Sharif is the most curate and easiest to read (translation).

Bible School Professor in the Middle East

Your strong, yet clear and understood translation is making the desired difference. The Majority Arab readers can relate to its language and become more interested in the Good News, more ready to read, hear and know bout the truth of Jesus Christ.

Editor of Noor-Ul laq

The translation is idiomatic and fresh without losing the meaning of the source language.

Missionary in the Middle East

My dream is that the name of our Bible Society will be on the Sharif sometime.

Bible Society executive in the Middle East

This is a much-needed translation and we are looking forward to giving them out in the months ahead!

National Minister in the Middle East

We have only one copy with us of Al-Injil Asharif in North Iraq, yet several readers have already expressed their appreciation of it, how clear the translation is to them.

Missionary in Iraq

I am a pastor who feels that a new translation that is understandable and enjoyable by the majority of the Arab-speaking people is a breath of fresh air. The translation mostly used by evangelicals in the Middle East is outdated and in many instances non-comprehensible, even to the above-average person. The majority of people think it is funny and shallow. Al-Ketab Asharif is a long-awaited answer to prayer.

Pastor in the Middle East

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