International Sharif Bible Society

It is
An interdenominational non-profit corporation to Translate, Publish and Distribute the Bible for Muslims.

Rationale… Why the ISBS?

  • For the Sharif Bible to reach Muslims and change their lives, we need an organized, sustained and aggressive body to undertake that task.
  • The ISBS is the conservator and propagator of the Sharif Bible and related products.


  • To bring Muslims to the Kingdom of God by faith in Christ, the only Savior and Lord.
  • To incorporate them into viable local bodies of believers.
  • To deepen the spiritual life and walk of believers in Christ.
  • To help them to relate to and be part of the worldwide body of Christ.
  • To introduce them to the fullness of the Spirit.

Core Values

Those engaged with the International Sharif Bible Society are expected to:

  • Make the Word of God the standard for their daily life, conduct and values
  • Have an intimate and growing relationship with Christ
  • Recognize the validity and importance of the Sharif translation
  • Make bringing Muslims into the Kingdom a high priority
  • Be committed to putting the Word of God into the heart languages of Muslim peoples

Core Competencies

Among the Core Competencies of the Sharif Bible Society are the following:

  • Translators and consultants who are competent, gifted, skilled, and dedicated.
  • The Society is not limited to one geographic region.
  • Personnel with Kingdom goals.
  • Conservative in finances.
  • Small inventory of equipment and material.
  • Extensive experience with the target groups.
  • Formal and informal distribution channels.
  • Working with like-minded organizations.