Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Mission Statement

Basing our vision, and consequently our mission on God’s Word1, the ISBS is dedicated to:

Translating, publishing and distributing the Bible, the Word of God, in Arabic for Muslims. Such translation should be accurate (faithful to the original text), natural (in language familiar to the reader), and clear (easy to understand).

The translation also should aim at:

  • Moving the reader to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord to deepen the spiritual life and walk of believers in Christ.
  • Integrating them into a local body of believers3.
  • Introducing them to the fullness of the Spirit4.
  • Relating them to the worldwide community of Christ.

As doors open and resources permit, the ISBS seeks to work with like-minded organizations to make the Sharif translation and its by-products accessible in other languages of the world.

(For a more detailed explanation, see the ISBS Bylaws, Article 1.2 and 1.3 “Purposes.”)