2023 Praying for Muslims

33 years ago…


We had just finished supper. I was scheduled to fly from France to Sweden the next morning where a week of preaching on radio awaited me. So, I decided to have one more look at my sermons to finish “polishing” them. However, something else kept grabbing my attention. The Lord was talking to me. Ideas were flowing very fast. I got to my computer and started writing. When I finished, it was midnight, and I had the first few prayers of what would become this yearly Prayer Guide of Intercession. Several weeks later, the first edition of “Praying for Muslims” was on its way to press. Yes, that was 33 years ago.

My goal in writing and publishing this Prayer Guide is to raise up an army of serious-minded intercessors. I believe that hundreds of millions of Muslims will come to the Kingdom of Christ! Yet, we need to pray to see that breakthrough take place. Prayer is our duty and privilege. Are we committed enough to carry out that duty? Are we worthy of the great honor of praying?

-Sobhi Malek, editor

P.S. I praise the Lord for his grace in writing this Prayer Guide all these years. I praise him also that you, prayer warrior, use this tool to intercede for the lost.